Harvey of Peace Manor
the Shih Tzu

Born on February 15th 2003. Came to our home on April 2nd 2003.
Named after the James Stewart movie about an imaginary rabbit
named "Harvey".

Harvey in the backyard on the grass at 7 weeks old.
On the right Harvey at 4 months old, 6 lbs.

Sleeping Beauty at seven weeks old. Isn't he a cutie pie! My little moon pie!

Sleeping next to my new Doggie Mom - Maggie the Maltese. On the right, Maggie watching, she's the house supervisor!

Standing up for photo with John's help. On the right, in the backyard, I'm such a cutie fuzzy wuzzy!

Oh, how sleepy I am.

I like to spend my day on the sofa with Maggie taking naps and playing. She thinks our human Mom & Dad brought me home for her! It's been 7 years since she had a litter of pups and she loves having a new pup. She acts like I'm her puppy and I'm sure glad to have all her kisses and attention. Though Romeo, her biological doggie son is jealous. Fred, the Maltese Dad, enjoys having me chase him in the backyard. I'm having fun in my new home. In the photos above I'm only 7 weeks old and weigh only 1.5 lbs! Drop by again soon to see more photos of me as I grow up to be a big boy.

Harvey at about 3 months. My little toasted coconut!

Harvey at 4 months with Freddie his Maltese family member.
Fred says "you bore me Harvey!"

Harvey watches me do everything and follows me everywhere! He's especially
funny when I do the housework. He will stay at the edge of the kitchen when I wash the
floor and watch! Same with the living room hard wood floors, when washing them.
He sits in front of the dryer and watches me throw in the wet laundry and when I remove
the dry, he always gets the dryer sheet and I have to take it away from him. When I wash
his toys he is very helpful getting them from the dryer to the living room! He's so funny!
The other day he found himself in the mirror and the kickplate on the door. He was
pawing at himself. He was probably thinking, oh goody another shih tzu! I'm stuck here
with these white Malteses and feel like a black sheep! He also loves to have air blown
at his mouth and he tries to catch it. He makes the most wonderful little growl sound
when he's playing with his big ball and rolling it around. He's my sweetie!

Harvey at 5 1/2 months old. He's looking like a Shih Tzu now! He's my little Snickerdoodle!

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