African Grey & Senegal Parrots
Charlotte was born in North Carolina on March 30th 2001. She came
into our home on June 30th 2001. Look at Charlotte on top of her
cage/house. She's only 3-4 months old in these photos. She
started to speak at this age which is rare. Most speak at 12-18
month of age. Her first word was "Hello", then "Peek-a-boo" & then
"Pooka". She started speaking very loud & clearly several times a
day. Now she talks all day! When learning a new word she will
repeat it over and over again! She also barks like one of our dogs,
Abby the Westie. She tricked me the first time she did it, I was
looking for Abby to see why she was barking and she wasn't!
Charlotte talked before she whistled! She also makes the sound of
dialing on the phone and kissing. She also loves unscrewing the
bolts that hold her toys onto her cage. She loves apple or grapes
in the morning, carrots & peas or pasta in the evening and peanuts
anytime. Also enjoys egg & toast on weekends. If she doesn't
get her 6 peanuts in the morning on time, she will scream until you
fill her peanut bowl!

Above more photos of Charlotte. Update - August 2002 - she now says
over 30 words! Includes: Peekaboo, Hey Pooka, Hi Pooka, Cookie,
Cookoo, What?, Poopy Butt, Poopy, Hello, Give Me a Kiss, Pooka,
Gooble Gooble, Right Now, Hey Cookoo, Be Bop, Good Boy, Good Girl,
Hello Love, Hello Pooh, Romeo, Come Here, Come On, Abby, Big Bird,
Get Over Here, Hi, Oww, Hi Charlotte & Bye Bye.

Update 2003 - more words - John, Harvey, Cookie, Carol, I'm a big
bird, nite nite, be quiet, I love Pooka, love you, tickle tickle,
apple, step up, where are you John?, Maggie, pretty bird, no more &
hi Freddie.

Photos of Pooka above, in the second one you can see that she is on
top of her cage-house. Pooka was born December 26th 2000 in Florida.
She came into our home on May 13th 2001. She was named after the
imaginary rabbit in the Jimmy Stewart movie "Harvey". Pooka means
imaginary rabbit. She's a clown and loves to entertain. She loves
to imitate Abby's (our Westie dog) whinning. She just began to speak
after the arrival of our Africian Grey who talked for about a month
before Pooka did. She says "Be Bop" & moves her head when saying it.
Also says "Peek-a-boo", "Hi Pooka", "Hello Pooka", "Give Me a Kiss",
"Pretty Bird" and "Nite Nite" at bedtime. She speaks in a very low,
cute female tone. She also likes to whistle and can imitate John's
cell phone ring. See above, Pooka all wet, she loves her shower so
she can keep clean! She will let you know if she wants a bath, by
dunking her head in her water bowl. She looks quite funny when she's
wet! She loves apple in the morning & peas or pasta in the evening.
She also loves egg and pancakes or toast as a treat on weekends.

Pooka seems to like having another bird in the house. When we
brought Charlotte in, Pooka went crazy playing with all her toys
and ringing her bells. It appeared to be a show for Charlotte. It
was very funny and lasted a half hour! Second photo, Pooka in her
cage climbing around and having fun. More photos to be added soon!

Click here to see Oscar watching Pooka.
See cats do get along with birds!

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